Monday, March 3, 2014

Some big changes on the horizon!

I'm not quite ready to spill the beans yet, but there are some major changes that are going to be taking place around here.  They are for the good, but it's going to be tricky getting all the ducks in a row - at least at first anyway!  I'll probably explain more in depth next week, but for now - know that something is in the works!

I missed my workout today - but I've been running around in preparation for the new thing.  Remember - I've had a hysterectomy, so it's not a baby.  Don't even go there. HAHAHA!  The next two days are going to be crazy busy!  It seems like it's always crazy busy around here!  I'm going to do my run tomorrow but at the revised speed I talked about.  I was just not enjoying my runs at that speed and that is a major problem!  You have to love what you're doing right??!

Tomorrow I also go back to the pain management doctor.  I have decided not to take the medication for the breakthrough pain.  I am still getting some pain - and at times the ear pain is still pretty damned bad, but it's so much better than before.  I think I can tolerate it.  I can handle it much more than I can handle being on medication - that's for sure!

It's pretty darned late and I still have to pack my gym bag and plan my meals for tomorrow so I'm going to sign off after this brief entry!

Have a wonderful night and thank you for reading! -Monica

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